Do Your Cabinets Need a Face-Lift?

Do Your Cabinets Need a Face-Lift?

Replace your damaged cabinet drawers or doors in the Charleston or Lexington, SC area

Looking for a cost-effective way to enhance your kitchen or bathroom? Carolina Refacers can help you replace your old cabinet drawers or doors. With our front-only service, you'll get cabinets that look gorgeous without having to pay for a full cabinet replacement.

Transform your space with minimal cost and effort - call 803-359-2296 now to schedule cabinet door installation services in Charleston & Lexington, SC or the surrounding areas.

What do we mean by a front-only service?

When we say that this is a front-only cabinet drawer and door service, we mean that you can expect our crew to work on the equipment you can see. Rely on us to replace your worn doors, drawers, hardware and shoe molding so your cabinets look beautiful from the outside.

We offer a variety of cabinet doors and drawers for you to pick from based on your budget and style, including:

Solid wood doors

Laminate doors

Dovetail drawers

Standard drawers

To learn more about our cabinet door installation services in the Charleston & Lexington, SC area, contact us today.